I would like to introduce myself, my name is Libby Culic and I am the founder/creator of Elite Assistance NZ. I am based in Northland, but provide my services to any place within New Zealand. My husband and I welcomed our beautiful first child Oaklin in October 2020, since then I have been able to accomplish my goal in setting up my own Virtual Assistance business.

Having had vast experience in many administration roles, I have been able to put together services that I am confident and skilled in.


Some companies may be afraid in the thoughts of outsourcing their work to a third party, but I believe that communication is key. Each client has specific needs to their business, which is why my services are tailored to each of those companies.

Have a look at some of my services below, if there is something you are specifically looking for, please do get in touch.

I am always looking for a new challenge!​

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Elite Assistance thrives to help companies trust in the process of outsourcing.